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Outside yourself

One day I hope you look outside yourself
seeing yourself as a help
Instead of one needing of help
seeing yourself as a servant
Instead of one to be served
No longer seeing yourself as the victim each time,
A victim that life has wronged
without considering in what way the other has been wronged
To you the measure of what extent they have been wronged  may be little
but don’t use your own wrong as a measure for another’s

You use anyone that comes your way
to soothe you fleshly needs and fleeting emotions;
Unsure care and affection
I hope you remember that that person is human too
Just as weak and fragile
no  matter how strong they appear
deserving of the kind of love you think you deserve
and most undeserving of your uncertainty and deceit

May you remember that we are different
and selflessly be patient to learn the differences
If you expect more please give more
If they fall short please forgive and embrace
You fall short so many times
You don’t walk in a straight line
while hiding things you should share freely and truly along the way
If you expect your sorries to be accepted each time
then may you gain sense to accept another’s sorry
when you are given

Have compassion mixed with all that wisdom you think you have
less it be seen as foolish
as what need is it
To be “all” knowing and understanding in words
but shallow in heart and application
your depth is no deeper than a puddle at the road side
be gone with your heavy head and risen shoulders!!

written months back



Her chains became her service
The gift of her walk with Him
In all the colours it came for speaking the truth
Bronze, silver or gold
to the onlookers they saw it as bondage
A restriction and a dictatorship
But these are her silver and gold she offers
all she had at the gate to give
To them it was her bondage but to her it was her freedom

How do you prepare?

To break dad’s heart
that his little girl might end up with someone he may not like
or may fall in love with one he does not agree with
or would be exposed to men whose aim is to dishonour his daughter

To give a news to your family
who hoped that something great would come out of your choices
after you told them you have chosen another career part
but it ended up in shambles; a regret?

When you know what you always dreamed about would never be a reality
because you wake up to find out that you may not be around as long as you hoped
Tomorrow is not promised

How do you prepare for a news like this
When you are told you would be awarded the best in your degree
Only to find out the person you hoped would be there to celebrate with you is fighting
Fighting for Life

For a sight of your loved one in the hospital
Losing her hair and being drained of life by her therapy
All you do is hope and pray that she comes out fine

When you are told she didn’t make it
She would not be going home with you
What you see is the last you’d see of her

Often times there are no preparations but to pray and hope
The acceptance of things when it happens
The coping and the resting, as HARD as it may be in God’s sovereignty
Under His everlasting arms