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Outside yourself

One day I hope you look outside yourself
seeing yourself as a help
Instead of one needing of help
seeing yourself as a servant
Instead of one to be served
No longer seeing yourself as the victim each time,
A victim that life has wronged
without considering in what way the other has been wronged
To you the measure of what extent they have been wronged  may be little
but don’t use your own wrong as a measure for another’s

You use anyone that comes your way
to soothe you fleshly needs and fleeting emotions;
Unsure care and affection
I hope you remember that that person is human too
Just as weak and fragile
no  matter how strong they appear
deserving of the kind of love you think you deserve
and most undeserving of your uncertainty and deceit

May you remember that we are different
and selflessly be patient to learn the differences
If you expect more please give more
If they fall short please forgive and embrace
You fall short so many times
You don’t walk in a straight line
while hiding things you should share freely and truly along the way
If you expect your sorries to be accepted each time
then may you gain sense to accept another’s sorry
when you are given

Have compassion mixed with all that wisdom you think you have
less it be seen as foolish
as what need is it
To be “all” knowing and understanding in words
but shallow in heart and application
your depth is no deeper than a puddle at the road side
be gone with your heavy head and risen shoulders!!

written months back


No hard feelings

She has all it takes to destroy you
inwardly and outwardly to cripple you
Filling you with shame for all your games
but her heart is past you
and is being deeply rooted in Him
Her strength for things of value
so don’t tease her to push you
while she’s at the edge of the cliff
no she is the edge of the cliff ,
She might just move from beneath you
saying , “no hard feelings *smirk* just the hard floor beneath you”

He likes to hear it too

Behind that strong covering is softness and affection
With every strength he guides you till you feel secure
he compliments you as his lady with beautiful words that sink deep
words you remember days and months after it’s said

so why do you delay when it comes to your turn
no, why wait for your turn
to tell him how much he means to you

It’s amazing how you could contain your feelings so much
I thought you were crazy in love with him
well you sure are one comported madly in love lady
a gentle madness I’d say ; how absurd!

Tell him how blessed you are to have him
how you are undeserving of his love unless you see his love as a right
My fair lady it is a gift not from him but from God
to let one of His sons love you wholly and fully with all patience and perseverance
You aren’t all that and a bag of chips, ok may be you are a bag of chips

Let him listen to you make noise to your friends about him for a change
You have no friends you say ?
Ok  surely that’s a lie but I’d let you go on that one
how about your family or what your generation calls social media
surely you can let everyone know how amazing he is

Ok , I get you
you like your life on private but I see you share every other thing
Don’t get me started on how you leave hints and clues for him
how you appreciate how he talks about you so much
and give off a sad look when he doesn’t for a few days

Now that’s being one sided
You can’t want to be treated like a lady
when you aren’t being feminine toward him that loves you or whom you love
You want to be treated equally then treat him equally right

I understand you are old school
but don’t let him think you have no feeling or like you see him as all wood and steel
You like it when he calls you all the pet names;
the sugar plums , the dumplings, the precious and the queen
Marking you out as “keep off” before his friends

How he speaks highly of you before his mum
I see you blushing away at the thought of it now
I’m sure you feel on cloud 9 or past it
It’s simmering in isn’t it? Oh snap out of it !!

I believe he’d like to feel same too
It would encourage him even more to be all man yet all compassionate and loving
All I’m saying is, he likes to hear it too

Who’s loving you ?

I pondered long and hard
It wasn’t just a line from the Jackson 5 song
they wanted to know
and for me to answer that means I knew
and with that knowledge there must have been evidence

Clear to me but I couldn’t help but wonder
No , not wonder who’s loving me
but wonder “why ?”
surely there was a reason they asked
did I give off the characteristics of one being loved or
did I look as though I was starved love

Did i show that someone was happy to be around me
someone was strong enough to walk me through my weaknesses
someone showed me kindness and was patient towards me
did i show that someone made it his daily choice to reach out to me
and that I did same when he did

or did I show that i am being ignored
or treated like a stranger
after months of communication or what seemed like it
One being a pest and needy
seen as a beggar and in denial
One whose kindness is trampled on
One whose good has been forgotten due to grudges stored

Surely not. I’d say I gave off one who’s being loved
Loved in all respect and in every detail
and by this love , I gain the strength to love
not just in word but in deed
not just in soul but with might
Who’s loving me ?
He is the one loving me
My whole countenance says, “I have found him whom my soul loves”

Walking in my shoes

Two legs about 50 pairs of shoes in my closet 

You claim you know the use and how it fits ,
Citing from how you see me walk when I put them on
Such poise and comfort like a gazelle
You assume all my shoes are the same size
You understand this much , that I wear them for different occasions
Some for more than one occasion

I’d explain to you how they feel and why I choose them
Or may be, why it chooses me
My black shoes with silver studs;
Loafers they are called, are the most comfortable
I could wear them to sleep and they are my go-to shoe for work

My nude flat pumps with golden bow at the top and pointed top
Makes me look classy , relaxed yet cute but the thing is you can’t wear it for long
They squeeze your toes like a triangle

My sparkly combat boots , for days when I feel Tom boyish and feel I should be prepared for anything my feet might encounter
It goes perfectly with my leather jacket

The trainers black and white
there lay two in my closet but for different times
one for walks, power walks, runs and gyming
The other when I’m feeling girly but tough

My 3 inch heeled sandals all four pairs but different colours and for different occasions
It lifts me up slightly
They raise my standard from the usual
making me see things from a different perspective

Victorian lace block heel with a bow
The name it says it all
when I feel like royalty from times past

My high knee boots and ankle boots for times of different seasons
when the winter breeze and rain are upon us
But my feet is ready for the storm
Till I discover a tear at the bottom which started small but was ignored
so now it is wider
Kept aside for repairs

I have small sizes as well
when my legs decide they can cope with 1 size smaller
With the assumption they’d be just fine
but after few steps the toes start hurting
However, there are times when the designer lives a little room for my feet

This is what it feels like walking in my shoes
The same leg but different situation and paths of life
When faced with trials patience is put on
When faced with good news, joy is embraced
When faced with doubtful outcomes, faith is pulled in
You never know how it feels till you take a step or two in my shoes
If you wish to please select a few
But you can’t because we probably wear a different size

When the circle gets smaller

Our differences are too big
We have different believes
We aren’t the same height
We are at different levels financially,
spiritually an mentally
pride has gotten in the way

We are from different states and countries
You don’t trust that I’d never say an evil word behind your back
You dint trust that I’m praying for you
You don’t trust that I’d cry with you
I am married with a family to call my own
You are single and living as you like
or so it seems

We’ve gone to different parts of the world
We’ve grown to have different interests
Our hearts are chasing after different things
Our goals are reaching different nets
Our echoes of need traveling at different distances

You have fallen ill
So many medications and prescriptions by your side  stool
Frail and shrivel we have become
Time is no longer on our side
but we are clenching to every minute
and  any minute from now ,
We’d be unplugged
Returning to what eternity holds for us

These are when the circle gets smaller
It started with 10 of us at the play ground in our neighbourhood
A big circumference we had
then we became 7 at nursery,
6 at primary school, 5 at boarding school
4 at university, 4 at our various careers
fighting our differences fiercely
and distance with virtual messaging
now in the advanced world,
we lost one to age,
Now 3, we became a triangle

Parched Soul- 1

I drank tirelessly of the well
I had no thirst whatsoever
It filled me and in it’s satisfaction i rested
My soul well hydrated and
healthy, withstanding every vice

Now I have been thrusted into wilderness
the distractions that surround me
the unworthiness i feel when i fall short
how can i drink of that righteous stream
when dirt is lurking in my soul

I haven’t drank in days
yet it fills like a year
though surrounded with the well of salvation
I have no strength to draw
I need my joy restored

I am by the fountain of life yet dehydrated
I have let my shortcomings tell me I can’t drink any more
I am weak and my soul has started to get pale
this extreme need yet surrounded by the solution
but i can not fully embrace it

A few days ago, i felt drops on the tongue of my soul
and a few trickle from head to toe
giving me renewed strength
as i cried for mercy and grace to fight
but I am in need of several splashes and many buckets full
I would rather be over hydrated

I have looked to water substitutes
the juices of this world
yet i am even more parched
my soul yearns after you,