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I did not ask you to stay
I only asked you
To be kind as you walk away
I’m glad you didn’t listen
Or rather, I realised
I did not need your kindness
When I am filled with kindness
The kindness needed to breathe
The kindness that was already there
The kindness needed to survive
Not at any one’s mercy
Not at your mercy.
Bye, love.


Ungodly hour

It’s not the time that stinks
or the ticking of the clock that shows passion
The minute hand isn’t seductive
No particular hour is in itself ungodly
but what is done in that hour
so please feel free to call me at night time
at the time “popular known” or “popular referred” to as ungodly hour

Feel free to express your feelings towards me
but don’t ver off talking of your strong bodily emotions
or let immorality speak for you
by asking what I’m putting on In a soft deep voice
“A onesie”, I said “I bet you expected me to say something different ”
or you bluntly lying about what you have on
I never asked you did I?
We know your aim is to stare up thoughts
We know what happens when that happens
Now that hour has become ungodly to us

Ring the door bell at noon
You remembered to visit a friend in that hour
that’s really thoughtful
but if you have another woman over
at that same hour the next day
and you indulge in some smooches smooches
then it doesn’t matter if that was at noon
that hour to you is an ungodly hour

The early hours of the morning are the quietest
time to think and just enjoy the solitude
pick up a book
Say a prayer and read your bible
but it can be a snare
if you have wondering thoughts
thoughts of lust and immorality
that once godly hour has now become ungodly

I understand the darkest hour is when the wolves come out
Physically and from our souls
and the brighter hours is when most become angels
acting like nothing ever happened
after we acted a fool after letting ourselves go to a “few drinks”
but the darkness of the hour or the brightness of the hour
Is never the qualifying factor

Don’t discriminate against the hours
All hours are beautiful
very crucial if i must add
but the qualifying factor of the hour
Isn’t 1pm in the afternoon or 1 am in the morning
but the activities that go on within those hours
You are the qualifying factor in each hour
No ungodly hours just humans being ungodly in that hour