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Seeds of Procrastination- (29/4/2015)

There is time for everything
A time to be born and a time to die
Timely was our birth and thankfully, it was not our decision to make
we came at the  time God ordained
for if it were our choice ,many would have chosen to be born at a later time
without being certain if that time would have been perfect

No one knows the hour or the time, said Jesus the Christ, of His return
but there is a set time that He would return
not a minute late or a minute early but at the nick of time He will return
Yet we who believe He would return have ignored the work we were assigned
People say He is coming soon but when would the soon come,many might ask
So while we believe that the soon is far we plan our days believing that there is time

Time, how precious is this gift
given to us by God
How richly endowed is every individual with this treasure
but this riches of time seems tricky
How? Think of it this way
We can lose money and yet quantify how much we have left
but not with time because every passing minute and every passing day,
no one knows how much they have left
We can only hope we don’t get broke before doing what we ought  to do
All the things we deferred because we thought tomorrow would always come

Every tick of the clock, and every rising of the sun into a new day
A fresh 24 hours allowance is given to us
Yet we chose to save it and plan for the ones we may receive
Save it I said, but unfortunately we can’t save each 24hrs allowance
as it expires as the sun sets ,night falls and day breaks

We have sowed seeds of procrastination in the form of fear, anxiety and doubt
And of cause ,let us not forget our dear friend, laziness
We say we would do such and such in a minute
but that minute became an hour and that hour, 24hours
and several piles of our 24hour treasure followed suit
We became rich with lost time allowances.

We say tomorrow would come because it always does
Yes, but my dearest what if today loves you too much and refuses to let you go?
making tomorrows kindness far from your reach
What if 11.59 pm of today is so jealous and greedy that it refuses to usher you into the freshness and sweetness of 12.00am, into a new day?
Ceasing that minute.

We eagerly wait for tomorrow’s favor, kindness and showers of goodness
Yet the one within our reach we have ignored; our today’s blessing.
Oh that we sowed those seeds of procrastination into the soil of “time waits for no one”,
that way we would reap bountiful harvests of motivation and achievement but instead, we have sown those seeds into “tomorrow will always come” or “I will do it later” and soon the yield, if it has not already come,
would be harvests of regrets and wishes to gain lost times.

Youth, my dear youth, we wish to remain on earth till we are old
and if the Lord wills, we will but let us not,
let us not empty today of its treasure.

Seeds of procrastination have been sown!!
Get your hoes, shovels and matchets,
or if you be determined, use your hands
and let us bend our backs to uproot these seeds before they sprout,
and may the scars left after all is done remind us we did what had to be done in the minute it had to be done.

With the sweet words of Jesus the Christ,
“i must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work
and like Moses in the book of psalms said, –teach us to number our days, that we may get a heart wisdom.
May this also become our prayer.


character search

As the day breaks

a new character unfolds,

each minute is an introduction to a new countenance;

a gallery of attitudes.

like the kadupul,

she is unpredictable.