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I can’t believe it

I’m sure your mind is in your heart
and your heart is in your mouth
I thought I would be navigated to the next page
or that click would lead to more questions
but it wasn’t so
all In me thought the click was a chance to procrastinate
To be sure and figure things out
but I guess this is it, I lost my breath as I realised
I know It may happen or It might not
but I can’t believe I just did that
Sweetheart, who are you?


Many hearts got broken – 29/12/2014

THIS post COMES AFTER– I DO for the REST of my LIFE

I’d become the lady you want
I would help you fulfil your dreams
and let my dreams keep sinking deep into my pillows soaked wet with tears of lost times.
I would let you drain the very last of my energy as I satisfy your needs 

You are the man so I guess you deserve all the strength you need to trample on my rights
I am the weaker vessel and anything can break me so with the fist of your words you break me

I would be your trophy that you flaunt when your friends are around
The gold chain you hang around your neck 

I will follow my heart because for some reason it wants you daily
And in the earnest following of  the heart ,
which is above all else wicked it became my leader and
in the process I ended up with a bleeding heart 

I no longer recognise who I am anymore
all my petals have fallen off because I used it to decorate the ground you walk on
I followed my heart and it lead me to you
folly is bound in the heart of a child
and still in my childhood foolishness ,my heart made you the one

Now my heart is with you and with the little strength left in it
i can only hope you open it up
to read through every vein and artery
to see my genuine love for you instead of clenching so tight to it
taking its energy
making this vessel that you were meant to protect ,to love ,to cherish and strengthen, weaker
i followed my heart and in the process many hearts got broken .