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Chasing waterfalls

We walked every morning towards the river
Hand in hand we enjoyed the daily view and quiet discussions
We shared how much we cared about each other
and in the silence of our thoughts
and minute stares understood what we said
We had committed to each other with no words
or popular stamps
and we were both content or so it seemed
we continued each morning from where we stopped
each time using a car
walking as far as our feet , conversation and adrenaline took us
the view of the river got beautiful as we walked it’s length along the path
as the days went by we started hearing people talk
No, we started listening to wagging tongues 

as they wondered where we were walking to 
at first it did not bother us 
but soon we started being  embarrassed as they said we won’t make it 
soon our walks got quiet and we could not understand our silence
we no longer held hands or cuddled as we walked 
then through the pin drop walk we finally came to the end 
as the rage of the water started sounding more strongly 
and we could feel drops on our cold bodies 
just like it touched the rocks at the bottom 
then looking up at the very end we realised because we listened to people
What started off as a walk and smooth adventure
Left us  feeling exhausted as though we were chasing waterfalls 


Walking in my shoes

Two legs about 50 pairs of shoes in my closet 

You claim you know the use and how it fits ,
Citing from how you see me walk when I put them on
Such poise and comfort like a gazelle
You assume all my shoes are the same size
You understand this much , that I wear them for different occasions
Some for more than one occasion

I’d explain to you how they feel and why I choose them
Or may be, why it chooses me
My black shoes with silver studs;
Loafers they are called, are the most comfortable
I could wear them to sleep and they are my go-to shoe for work

My nude flat pumps with golden bow at the top and pointed top
Makes me look classy , relaxed yet cute but the thing is you can’t wear it for long
They squeeze your toes like a triangle

My sparkly combat boots , for days when I feel Tom boyish and feel I should be prepared for anything my feet might encounter
It goes perfectly with my leather jacket

The trainers black and white
there lay two in my closet but for different times
one for walks, power walks, runs and gyming
The other when I’m feeling girly but tough

My 3 inch heeled sandals all four pairs but different colours and for different occasions
It lifts me up slightly
They raise my standard from the usual
making me see things from a different perspective

Victorian lace block heel with a bow
The name it says it all
when I feel like royalty from times past

My high knee boots and ankle boots for times of different seasons
when the winter breeze and rain are upon us
But my feet is ready for the storm
Till I discover a tear at the bottom which started small but was ignored
so now it is wider
Kept aside for repairs

I have small sizes as well
when my legs decide they can cope with 1 size smaller
With the assumption they’d be just fine
but after few steps the toes start hurting
However, there are times when the designer lives a little room for my feet

This is what it feels like walking in my shoes
The same leg but different situation and paths of life
When faced with trials patience is put on
When faced with good news, joy is embraced
When faced with doubtful outcomes, faith is pulled in
You never know how it feels till you take a step or two in my shoes
If you wish to please select a few
But you can’t because we probably wear a different size

Heart’s rhythm

When you are absent my heart beats normal
One two one two
75 beats per minute
I’m at rest knowing I’m loved
It’s at rest because we aren’t speaking
but we are on good terms

Then you decide to message me,
“hey babe , missing you”
then it starts racing softly
as it embraces the thought that she’s being missed
One one two one

I am asleep and then the phone rings
with your specially chosen caller tune
my heart beats faster
following the beat of the ring tone
till i finally find the phone at it’s hiding place
My heart is then put to rest hearing your voice

It’s my birthday
One complain to another because you said you were busy but
You decide to show up at my door step with flowers
unsuspicious i was when i opened the door as the door bell rang
only to behold your beautiful face
By this time my heart was in my mouth
I could feel the upper chambers of my heart beating so fast
like an atrial fibrillation
as you came closer to give me a hug
and plant a kiss on my cheek

My hearts rhythm is back to normal
as we walk hand in hand to the place you had booked for dinner
then on approaching i hear, “surprise”
It was the voices of our friends and family
and then i turn to give you a friendly punch
only to see you on your knees

ONE! one! one! one
Two two two
Three One one!!
went my heart as eye see you open the box with the ring
my rhythm became pleasantly ectopic
as i began to cry before you asked,
Would you marry me ?

I can dance to each rhythm of my heart
if it were recorded
from the time we met , to the time you said i love you
many memories down the line
and now to our forever
You are my hearts rhythm