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My fiancé is a poet

His heart drips metaphors 
that only I could understand 
He leaves commas and fullstops in the right places of my soul
during our conversation of varying lengths
and the beautiful wall of silence he builds 
when words fail him
with a door only me can walk through
understanding what he means
He loves me in symbols 
His prayer is one that goes through heaven’s doors
Asking the Lord to preserve me for him
His innocent touch is symbolic of him telling me to stay
asking me to trust him with the littlest and the most
His smile and laughter is a prose that draws my attention to the needful
one that assures me of the ease felt when loving well and genuinely

His stare is a symbolism screaming 
I’ve got you and when he says I love you, 
It is heavy and not light
A suitcase to be unpacked

Then the imagery he draws each time he stands by my side 
towering over me and hugging me till I wilt and reform
reminds me of a love I thought I had jeorpadissed long ago
My fiancé is a poet 
He has placed several rings on my finger
without placing a ring on my finger 
Then he has placed one ring all over me
Saying would you be mine forever on this side of eternity
with the loveliest of diamonds marking his promises
*If my 
fiancé becomes a poet*



She asked her worth
but she knew your answer
would not change
how she sees herself
She needed to be sure that
you knew what jewel you had
and how priceless the person
that stood before you is.
She needed to make sure
your mind was in the right place
She hoped you hadn’t lost your mind
and sense of reasoning and awareness


He loves me in music

He wrote me an ode of how I drove him crazy
Drove him crazy in a good way and how I made him feel
But that’s not all
see how he stares at me cheekily
like charlie parker playing his saxophone
or the flowing rhythm of his voice when talking to me
Oh, like Louis Armstrong’s voice when performing his Jazz solo
so much soul,

Speaking of soul,
I remember how he decided to sing in front of  my window on the ground floor
when he was still trying to win my heart
His high pitched tune like Brian Mcknight as he sang “love of my life”
Glad he did not wake dad up or make the dogs start barking

The moment after the wedding
and he realised things weren’t going as planned
which also got to me a lot
so he hummed a melody from one of the mahanattas album
I think it was, shinning star
It was the r & b tune he usually sang when in our teens
As night fell as we sat in the park
staring and admiring the stars in the sky
then he’d say you are my shinning star baby
as he gave off a warm smile

The days he is feeling so energetic
full of compliments for the woman he loves,me of course
he pulls out his best from his selection of the temptations
“the way you do the things you do “
as he compares me to perfumes,
my good looks to a minute and calls me an hour
It’s lovely to know that he knows me
I am not a fan of rock so he chooses a softer version, pop music

Then in the moody yet cheerful moment
I know right, the irony
we dance our blues away
twirling and stuttering by each other by the fire place
One , two step and hip to hip as we hold each other close
as I try to scat like Sarah Vaughan
soon we burst out in laughter and smiles

Then few hours later
we fall asleep on the couch
and he sings a Lullaby into my ears
Just his voice whispering “my girl”
David Ruffin can’t compare to you baby

Then some mornings just like this,
He wakes me up with one of the classics
as he brings me a cup of coffee in bed
He knew I played the violin when younger
and loved anything that reminded me of that “classical age”
whether it be a piano, a violin or a viola

These is how he loves me
His affection in every chord and music genre
He says I’m his melody
He loves me in music

Heart’s rhythm

When you are absent my heart beats normal
One two one two
75 beats per minute
I’m at rest knowing I’m loved
It’s at rest because we aren’t speaking
but we are on good terms

Then you decide to message me,
“hey babe , missing you”
then it starts racing softly
as it embraces the thought that she’s being missed
One one two one

I am asleep and then the phone rings
with your specially chosen caller tune
my heart beats faster
following the beat of the ring tone
till i finally find the phone at it’s hiding place
My heart is then put to rest hearing your voice

It’s my birthday
One complain to another because you said you were busy but
You decide to show up at my door step with flowers
unsuspicious i was when i opened the door as the door bell rang
only to behold your beautiful face
By this time my heart was in my mouth
I could feel the upper chambers of my heart beating so fast
like an atrial fibrillation
as you came closer to give me a hug
and plant a kiss on my cheek

My hearts rhythm is back to normal
as we walk hand in hand to the place you had booked for dinner
then on approaching i hear, “surprise”
It was the voices of our friends and family
and then i turn to give you a friendly punch
only to see you on your knees

ONE! one! one! one
Two two two
Three One one!!
went my heart as eye see you open the box with the ring
my rhythm became pleasantly ectopic
as i began to cry before you asked,
Would you marry me ?

I can dance to each rhythm of my heart
if it were recorded
from the time we met , to the time you said i love you
many memories down the line
and now to our forever
You are my hearts rhythm

I guess i’m engaged !

ring 2

A few minutes to go
running with a cup of tea in my hand
screaming to my friend to hasten up
running through the first door
the second door , the third
it was too full to squeeze through

Thinking the fourth door would be any better ,
but it was just as packed
and  time was not on our side
so we squeezed into the coach
packed with guys
different race ,attitude and culture

Bodies squashed together
breathing each other’s air
a few alcoholic nauseating breaths from a guy;
the train  driver not helping the situation
a bumpy journey it was

one of three friends having a laugh
saying hello to each other from the other side
i’m not being funny
he  said , “hello … ! from the other side ” with a chuckle

Chips were being offered
by one of the other guys
not the three friends but
a guy that ended up dropping deep advice
some of which made sense and most of which didn’t

“no thanks, i’ve  just had some” i said
then one of the three friends asked, “can somebody feed me chips”
as he could not move
then after much hesitation,i did
he said,thank you for feeding me chips
or fed chips by a strange woman
that means we are getting married
that’s how it goes in my country

chips was my engagement ring
I’m engaged to a stranger on the train
I proposed
I guess I’m engaged

Last night of her first day

I never knew things would turn out this way my friend. Hadriel is still hurting and misses you .He recalls the moments you both shared and these are the words he has to say of that day the night stole you away from him.

If she had run away at least I would know that  she was here somewhere
breathing the same air even if it be from a distant
Each waking day may be painful but i would have been assured that i’d  see you again on earth
If she had been cheating on me i’d prefer that at least she’d still be here for me to share a part of my heart with her,
To forgive her and keep her as mine forever
If she couldn’t give birth ,then well and good for the Lord dimmed it fit we have no child
but still she’d be by my side,
A mother to my every day 

 It was the last night of her first day she said I do
We shared our vows with each other
I replay the resounds of your affectionate giggles as I read mine
it made my eyes dance with joy
Then you said I do but I never knew it would be the beginning of last 
we had an evening wedding as the sun set yet you stood out my sunshine
An evening filled with joy

There were butterflies in my heart
butterflies that found a garden within as they saw a flower treasured up in it
They couldn’t resist your sweet nectar my darling
those butterflies I now cherish

last night you gave me your body and soul
You loved me so much that you wanted to share your pride with your husband 
Keeping yourself for me till our wedding night 
In anticipation I waited the whole day for that night , and for forever with you
You kept your treasure for me I said ,but no not for me but for the glory of God for you feared Him
i waited eagerly (as the Lord gave me the strength)
yet patiently for the day to proceed to a night i’d remember

It was meant to be our beginning to forever
As the day broke, i anticipated looking into your eyes when you would wake up
but the morning did not usher in the sparkles in your eyes
rather tears in my eye as i beheld your lukewarm body transiting to coldness
the sun was rising yet my sunshine that lay beside me could rise no more
The day before, and the night that followed was the last night of her first day with Uriella as my wife

Uriella, my friend these are the words of your beloved Hardiel.