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I drank the salt of my tears
I let the pain out
Thoughts racing from my past;
realising the grace that clothed me,
clothed me from the wrath of the almighty God.

As i came to realisation,
the pumps of the eyes opened up,
the voice of pain sounded,
grace has been taken severally for granted,
the mercy enjoyed taken as a mere gift;
instead of a gift to be cherished with ones life.

o ,that the depravity of man be seen
o ,that the depravity of man would be exposed
o ,that men would take the shades off
and stare their home of depravity in the face.

Thoughts kept racing
i saw my self hiding under grace
the grace that made a shield over me
a tent of security
and in my place it drank the wrath of God on my behalf.

Thoughts kept racing
i have been wounded by man.
i was asking God for help,
help to let go.

I was thankfully weeping;
something was happening,
conflicting thoughts,
conflicting emotions.
As i wiped the tears out,
my eyes felt the pain.

14.4.14 expression of emotions
that of pain,gratitude and peace
and one that could only be expressed with tears.