After being called a strict christian by someone with this being a reason :i go to church and all that ,i replied saying there is nothing like a strict christian you either are a christian or you are not, i sat and thought and this came to me .

So many times people and even i ,get it wrong .Going to church certainly does not make one a christian .Christianity simply means being Christ like in other words behaving like Christ ,the bible says by their fruit you shall know them not by where they are planted you shall know them ..just because one goes to church or takes part in religious activities ,it does not mean that he or she is a christian ,its by the person’s life and way of living that you can identify who a Christian is or not ,but mind you people can also put up a picture in front of people that may make them be seen asa Christian but you can’t pretend forever.Think of it this way

ME : why do you go to school ?

PERSON : To get educated at a particular field of interest (lets say pharmacist)

Me : does going to school make you a pharmacist ?

PERSON : no certainly not ,its just a place where you receive the necessary teaching to become a pharmacist

Me: when you graduate does it mean you are now a pharmacist ?

Person : well ,ye degree wise

Me : ok,but the true pharmacist is the one who applies what he learnt at school and continually updates himself  with information to be able to tackle new trials that may arise and to impact knowledge in those in need of his services ,that is what makes him a pharmacist .

There is no use going to school if you are not willing to apply what you learnt or do extra studying ,A church is a gathering of people who have come to worship  God….yes ,but it is a place of learning and those seeking to grow in there christian faith ,not somewhere you go to because you are bored ,just the same way you don’t go to university because you are bored .

lol if boredom was the reason to go to school ?no thanks i would rather do something else .

A true christian is someone who applies what he learns to his everyday life ,studies relevant materials daily most importantly the bible   (extra reading)to be well informed incase a new trial comes up and shares his knowledge to as many people he comes in contact with and are willing to hear him out.

CHRISTIANITY IS A WAY OF LIFE ,we should keep reminding ourselves of this fact  or rather i should be reminding myself of this  and also live this fact.

427466_316205615164689_1705187925_nGOD BLESS YOU.



To be in love is to trust

To trust is to let go

To let go is to forgive

To forgive is to embrace

To embrace is to accept

To accept is to lend a hand

To lend a hand is to give your heart

To give your heart is to engage your mind

To engage your mind is to employ your strength

To employ your strength is refusing to quit

Refusing to quit is to stand firm

To stand firm is to withstand pressure

To withstand pressure is to hold on to what you believe in

What you believe in can be your driving force or drag force

What you withstand may lead to your uplift or downfall

What you refuse to quit may bring you good or bad

Where you employ your strenght may lead to a negative or positive outcome

By now you get my point ,every action we decide to take  has an advantage or disadvantage.But there is one action listed above that depicits strength but is sometimes taken as weakness but when properly looked into is a sign of meekness.

What on earth is meekness ? ‘meekness is strength under control ‘—JOYCE MEYER…it is having the ability to retaliate or ability to do wrong to someone but choosing not to because that is the right thing to do and i would also add only the strong can keep their strength under control.

It is one of the very few actions that doesn’t have a disadvantage but it is very hard to ,what is this action ? one may ask ,I am talking of forgiveness.You may also say well it has a disadvantage because the person would hurt you again ,well ye  but if you ask me …did i just hear someone’s mind say they didn’t ask me?

Sorry but i’d tell you anyway ,forgiving someone that hurts us will be very difficult and painful but to feel better that is one of the major solution .We may decide to hurt the person back ,but how much and how many times do we think we could hurt the person to feel better ?

We never actually feel better instead we feel worse than ever ,Un forgiveness leads to bitterness and hatred which begins to spread as wild fire  hurting people We never intended to hurt .Like i said it is a very difficult thing to do and it may take time for the scar ,pain and hurt to go away but only the strong choose to forgive because of its difficulty and the weak choose to pay back because that is one easy thing to do.

Let us choose the difficult way today ,the path only chosen by the strong





I heard the truth

I was made to listen to the truth

Like a needle pierced deep into the veins

The truth went even deeper

Given gifts in earthen vessels

Given gifts in vessels moulded with clay

Not just any gift but gifts that could set the whole world in motion

From stagnancy and create a notion

This vessel was made with no cover

The gifts were placed in this vessels to escape and reach out

To stretch  and touch lives

But we our selves  have made covers ,lids

In the form of fear ,procrastination and doubt

And only we can remove those lids

THE CREATOR himself dimmed it fit to place talents ,treasures and gifts in us

He looked upon us with love and great concern

He decided to give us a little bit extra ,o no not a little bit but much more

He knew we could handle it ,yes he knew we had the ability

 So Take off the lids ,Let what is within break loose and fulfil purpose

It may take time and may not be appreciated at first or at all

 But give it a chance and Crack the lids open

Let that seed within sprout forth and bring forth its fruit

Take off the lids and show forth the surpassing power of THE CREATOR

Don’t wait for change ,be the change.