Role model

I would tell my daughter the truth
Your mother wasn’t a saint
She tried to make it known
To as many that paid attention
I’d tell her of the battles
Of the nights I cried to sleep
And woke up with the brightest of smile
I would tell her of days I did not pray
I’d tell her of days praying was my very breath
I’d tell her how I put away reason
And wronged a fellow woman
I’d tell her of my guilt
But even more of my repentance
If I must be a role model,
She must hear of
My battles
My temptations
My sins
My shortcomings
My victories
How I overcame
Christ’s forgiveness
His perfection
I would tell my daughter the truth



Unique Remedial

There are women
that pamper themselves out of their pain
Being gentle and easy with their hurt
There are others that burn the roots of their pain,
and cut it off all together
They snatch out the knife from their heart
and shove themselves quickly out of the pain
Whatever way a woman heals,
It is to her a powerful recovery
A hopeful remedy for bouncing back again